Our Custom Fabrication Machines

Our company has uniquely developed the “Drillmatic”. The Drillmatic is a custom fabrication machine consisting of a base and multi-purposed spindle units. In our company the number of rotary based type production is outstanding. A rotary based type machine is good at processing parts at the same time from multi-angles.

JIGMAC, special purposed jig.

The JIGMAC is a specialized fabrication machine for machining centers.

The feature of Drillmatic
High Precision and Rigidity.

The spindle units of the Drillmatic are strong enough to endure long time operations under severe conditions while providing high precision processing.

Factory Manufacturing System

Drillmatic is flexibly capable of high-mix production of distinguishing similar parts automatically.

High Productivity

Drillmatic is mainly specialized in processing parts of automobile, electricity and gas-fitting. It provides drilling mirroring, face milling and tapping and so on. It is mainly effective for monthly mass production of 10,000-100,000

  • Drafting room
  • Plant
  • Test chamber

Actual processing work piece example

Actual processing work piece example